The Benefits of Brass

Brass fixtures and hardware are some of the most popular choices among the many fixtures available to homeowners and designers. Why has this timeless metal remained a popular choice throughout the ages? That’s simple; keep reading to become a brass believer.

solid brass knobs and other fixtures

Strength – In an age where plastic reigns as material king, it can be difficult to find hardware and fixtures that are built to last. One of the reasons brass is so popular is because of its incredible strength and durability. Unlike plastic and aluminum, both of which easily dent, scratch, chip, and break, brass is virtually damage proof. Brass, being an alloy of zinc and copper, is the perfect metal for door knobs, door handles, door knockers, letter boxes, and anything else that receives daily use. Brass is also a coveted material due to its resistance to corrosion and heat — features that make brass great for swimming pools and fireplaces.

Appearance – No matter how strong and durable brass is, it probably wouldn’t be so popular if it wasn’t so aesthetically pleasing. It’s amazing how one type of metal can be paired so flawlessly with almost any type of style. Not only is brass classic and timeless, but it also brings elegance and class to any room. When paired with the right accents, brass can look strikingly modern and contemporary, as well. Due to its versatility, many designers choose brass as the fixture of choice. Brass also comes in a variety of strikingly good-looking colors. From deep red to pale yellow and from classic silver to Victorian gold, you’re sure to find the perfect color brass for your home and style.

If you haven’t considered using brass fixtures and hardware, perhaps you should. Brass will look amazing in any room of your home, as well as stand up to the test of time.