Just in time for Thanksgiving, here is the winner of Horton Brasses first hardware giveaway. While the booty may be small this time, be sure to check in regularly to this blog as we slowly up the ante.

The winner of two Horton Brasses Oval Ring Pulls is….

Leslie Howard!

The Horton Brasses mother ship will soon contact Leslie to her address and the beautifully crafted pulls will be mailed to her. We hope Leslie shares some pictures of how she uses her new oval ring pulls.

Congratulations, Leslie, and thank you to everyone else who entered.

Have a great Thanksgiving!

Oval ring pull review and giveaway


oval ring pulls made of solid brass


Okay. Orion just sent me these and, to be honest, I love them. Oval ring pulls. Two sizes. Seven finishes. Lots of options.

What I was most impressed with upon opening the package was the heft of these pulls. These babies are solid. Actually, I briefly contemplated putting the polished nickel ring pull on a chain to wear as a necklace, but first I have to find a chain strong enough. And then I would have to worry about my neck muscles over-developing. But I digress…

Have you seen these pulls online at the Horton Brasses website?  To be honest, the copy for these pulls is great. Wish I wrote it:

Circles and squares? Yes. How about ovals? Why not? Horton Brasses is proud to introduce a new classic. Oblong, elegant,

ovals-a new twist on an old favorite. When a ring is too round and a square is too, well, square, try an oval.

These pulls definitely would work on an entertainment center, hutch, kitchen or bathroom cabinetry, bedroom furniture. Style-wise these oval ring pulls have massive crossover appeal. Depending on which of the 7 finishes you choose, you really could have your way with them anywhere from a colonial/traditional setting to the other end of the spectrum– modern/contemporary.


close up of oval ring pulls

Check this out! Horton Brasses really put a lot of thought into this simple design, The post that holds the oval is milled down so that the ring stops at 90 degrees. This keeps the pulls in place and prevents them from dinging the woodwork behind them-particularly important with modern furniture and cabinetry with its shiny lacquers and veneers. Couldn’t you just kiss them for that?


polished nickel oval ring pull

The large polished nickel oval ring pull measures in at 2-3/8″x1-15/16″ (the smaller size clocks in at 1-15/16″x1-5/8″).  It truly shines against a white background.


oval ring pulls

Set against rustic brick, this ring pull looks simultaneously classic and modern. Mount it on distressed cabinetry and you instantly create visual interest in a room.


dark antique oval ring pull

Black beauty! Okay, not exactly black. Oil rubbed bronze. Or in Horton Brasses hardware lingo, “Dark Antique.” Wouldn’t this pull look dramatic on white cabinetry? Harkens back a bit to the Something’s Gotta Give kitchen. Oil rubbed bronze hardware and white painted cabinets are not an ephemeral design trend but rather a die-hard classic.


The exciting thing about these beautiful ring pulls, aside from their design versatility, insanely substantial quality and the terrific customer service that comes along with them, is all the other info available to you about these pulls. That’s the charm of buying from a small family owned business. Manufactured in England by Armac Brassworks and subjected to the diligent quality control and environmental standards that the Horton-Henderson clan have, for over 80 years, built their business upon, you can feel good knowing where your hardware’s from. 

Additionally, unlike large retailers, when you buy your Horton Brasses hardware, you are eligible for quantity discount pricing. Surely that is a welcomed treat when tackling larger projects–like kitchens. Or colossal media/entertainment centers.


                   dark antique oval ring pulls on brick background

Interested in one of these pulls? They are waiting for you at the Horton Brasses website. Want the thrill of a contest? The two pulls featured in this post are up for grabs to a winner, to be selected at random from the comments section of this post. Leave a comment about what you like about Horton Brasses and/or this blog no later than November 22 and live in the Continental US to be eligible!  Can’t wait to find out who the winner is and hear how impressed you are by the quality and good looks of these pulls.

More new products…

Circles and squares? Yes. How about ovals? Why not? Horton Brasses is proud to introduce a new classic. Oblong, elegant, ovals-a new twist on an old favorite. When a ring is too round and a square is too, well, square, try an oval. Solid brass forgings; made for us in England, 2 sizes and six finishes. Try them in a media room, Mom’s office, or anywhere your heart desires. We make a finish for every décor. Satin brass and satin nickel are soft, warm finishes, while polished brass and polished nickel reflect and sparkle; daring the admirer to come closer. Antique brass and oil rubbed bronze are dark finishes and will appeal to customers looking for that timeless piece of hardware. In stock at all times; no minimum order; quantity discounts available. Check out the website: http://www.horton-brasses.com.

Part numbers: OP-1, OP-2

oblong oval ring pulls made of solid brass

What do you all think? Nice part? Not so nice? I’d love to hear it. One little thing, these are so new they haven’t made it the website yet. Give us a call at 800-754-9127 if you are interested.