Get Hooked!

brass, iron, and steel hooks

You’ll be surprised how handy hooks can be when installed in the many rooms of your home. Hooks not only hold hats, scarves, and coats in the mud room but can also bear the weight of your towels in the bathroom and pots and pans in the kitchen! If you haven’t experienced the ease and effectiveness of a hook-saturated home, then you’re missing out! Here are some great ways to fashion your home, as well as simplify your life, with the use of hooks.

When you think about wall hooks, does you mind automatically go to cheap, white, plastic hooks? If so, then you need to know that many hardware stores sell high-quality, beautifully-crafted hooks made from a variety of materials to choose from. It’s time to put those plastic hooks aside and invest in hooks that will last longer and make your home look beautiful! Hooks can be made of brass, steel, and even iron, so you can pick the perfect hook to match the style of your home. High-quality hooks made from these materials are great for new, remodeled, and even antique-styled homes.

If you’ve never explored the endless capabilities of hanging hooks, then it’s important that we explore them now. Hooks aren’t just great for coats and jackets; they’re perfect for every room in your home. Take the kitchen, for example; do you find yourself repeatedly reorganizing your pots and pans? If so, see how easy it is to keep all of your pots neat and organized with hanging hooks. Hang them above your center island or along the backsplash of your countertops. Finding the right pot or pan has never been so easy!

Let’s tackle the bathroom: a room that everyone finds is always just a little too cramped. Install accent hooks on the back of the door, near the toilet, and even in the shower itself to add wall-hanging options. Create space to hang your robe, clean towels, used towels, and towels for guests. Once you experience the simplicity of hanging hooks in the bathroom, you’ll wonder how you ever got along without them!

Again, installing hooks in the high-traffic areas of your home could be the best investment you’ve ever made. Not only will you add style to the interior of your house, you’ll also provide convenience for you, your family, and your guests! Install high quality brass, steel, or iron hooks in your home today!