Only 1 Day Left To Enter & Receive a 10% Off Coupon!

Only 1 day left for the Horton Brasses Kitchen Hardware Giveaway Contest.


Let me say it again. This time with feeling.


I understand this is a strange contest. If you win, you are obligated to use the hardware. And if you are in the midst of a remodel, you need to hold off on getting your hardware installed because you just might win the contest.

Pfffft. Logistics.

The reality is, Orion is planning—no…HOPING—to give away a few grand worth of hardware to someone with a boomin’ kitchen plan.

But, there’s a catch. When I wrote up the contest, Orion slipped in this caveat: 25 people must enter before the contest is legitimately on. Twenty-five! Right now there are only 8 entries. That’s 32% of the needed entries to have this thing really be on.

Orion is a man of his word. That’s how he’s able to run a small business on an old-school professional model. He can’t go back and delete the caveat from the original contest rules, even if I’ve contemplated trying to hack into the HB Blog dashboard to do it myself.

But to show he really wants to give away all this fancy new hardware, he’s throwing out a bribe, er…I mean “incentive” to get people to enter.

Enter your kitchen and you automatically receive a 10% discount on Horton Brasses hardware in addition to any other bulk discount in which you may qualify.

So, everyone wins! Even if there is not a contest.

Please take a look at the contest blog. All of the entries are beautiful representations of great taste. I’m so happy that these homeowners are sharing their kitchens with us since remodeling is one heck of an exciting time. Every picture is a great resource for future remodelers looking for inspiration and ideas.


What’s Going On With That Contest Anyway?

View the Entries!

Did we tell you that we have a blog completely dedicated to our hardware giveaway contest? Well, we’re telling you now!

Visit the contest blog to peruse the entries, cast your vote and gain inspiration from the beautiful kitchens already entered. Pass on the link to anyone and everyone who might benefit from a kitchen full of fancy pants cabinet hardware. You can read up on how to enter, check out our panel of judges and even submit your own entry via email to

Contest FAQ’s

Many of you have had questions about the in’s & out’s of the contest. Here are the answers!

·      Can I enter if I already have hardware on my cabinets?

Sure! As long as you want to replace your current hardware with your winnings, enter away!

·      I would like to enter but right now my kitchen is just a raw space.

So this isn’t a question but rather an excuse. Pleas refer to the original contest post:

We understand that, if you are mid-remodel, the scene may be a little rough. The judges have vision, I assure you. If your cabinets have yet to be installed, you may submit floorplan elevations, pictures of door samples, etc.


We’ve got you covered! We are familiar with how kitchen remodels go and are very understanding. Submit your floorplan and door samples. You’ve got five pictures to make an impression. Go for it!

Don’t even have your cabinets unpacked yet? No worries. Send us pics of what materials you are using and our esteemed judges will use their designy vision to fill in the blanks!

·      I remodeled a few years ago but never loved my hardware. Can I still enter?

Honestly, and don’t take this the wrong way, we couldn’t care less when you remodeled! We’re looking for a well put together kitchen that is going to showcase Horton Brasses Hardware. We want to see this beautiful stuff in action!

Spread the Word!

We need 25 entries for this contest to be on. As of today we only have 12% of our entry goal. Help us spread the word by posting the contest to your friends on Facebook and to your Twitter followers. Do you have a blog? Post about this contest and I will mention your blog as a contest supporter across my online stratosphere.

Visit the Judges!

Not only is there shiny hardware up for grabs, but we’ve assembled a cadre of shiny judges to add some fun to the contest. Do be sure to visit their sites and check out what they have going on.

Vincent Scordo shares the Italian good life over at His recent posts include musings on the environment from the perspective of a first generation Italian-American, a guide to Italian Deli meats that this vegetarian took a pass on, and lots of olive oil drizzled hither and thither.

Greg Henry of SippitySup! breaks down the spring roll vs. summer roll confusion, serves up a stack of hot mustard grilled cheese sandwiches sophisticated enough to pay homage to Saveur Magazine’s sandwich issue and gets regional with a review of a cookbook with the absolute most darling cover. Take a peak and tell me if Despite the guy chowing down at the table also reminds you of Steve Buscemi.

Susan Serra and her partner/daughter Kelly are creating loveliness over at The Kitchen Designer, her newly launched blog that will school you on what went down at KBIS 2011, current trends in kitchen design and a give you window into the stylings of European kitchens. Check out the blog just to see that copper patinated Liebherr fridge.

Jane F. and Allison Arnett are full of good taste over at Atticmag. There is an amazing pictorial up right now showing off a serious 19th century English manor kitchen. If you salivate over copper cookware, do wear a bib. Gaggenau’s induction cooktop is on display and this thing cooks! Also on show is an entire room done over in chalkboard paint. Surprisingly, it’s bright and cheery!

James Swan continues to keep his Facebook fans entertained with his daily postings of dream interiors. Yes, sometimes they are nightmares, but it is all in good fun and keeps the comments coming. His book, 101 Things I Hate About Your House, also walks the catty line while delivering fundamental and clever tips to rescue your house from design disaster–elevating it to the personal palace you so rightly deserve.

And…Orion! He’s a judge too but apparently he’s a bit shy.

Meet the Judges! Horton Brasses Hardware Giveaway Contest

Want to know more about the contest? One winner will receive an entire kitchen full of Horton Brasses kitchen hardware. Read more to find out how to enter.

I’m very excited to introduce to you the judges for this life changing contest. We have assembled a virtual onslaught of kitchen powerhouses who have everything covered—from what looks good on the plate to what works well in a design layout.

Who better to judge a kitchen hardware contest than professionals from both the design and cooking fields. These folks know style, function and,quite literally, good taste.

But I’ll shut up now and start introducing. We’ve got a lot of people (and blogs!) for you to mingle with! And don’t forget, you and your friends and family and co-workers and whomever else you recruit on your “vote for me” team can drop a ballot in the box by commenting on our judges blog posts that mention this contest. So do check in regularly at the sites linked!

And the judges are….


Team Atticmag!

Jane Freiman

Jane Freiman is the founder and editor of, a blog dedicated to kitchen and bathroom design and home décor. She has enjoyed a multifaceted career as an interior designer, newspaper and magazine editor and cookbook author.

Jane lives in New York City and created Atticmag after directing the award-winning arts, entertainment, life style and celebrity news coverage at the New York Daily News, the nation’s fifth largest newspaper. Previously, she was New York Newsday’s restaurant critic, a commentator on Bloomberg News Radio, contributing editor and columnist at New York Magazine, and the consulting editor at Cook’s, now Cook’s Illustrated. Jane’s experience as a syndicated food columnist, cookbook author and restaurant critic began at the Chicago Tribune. Prior to that, she had worked as an art dealer in New York and Paris.

In Los Angeles, where Jane was born, she graduated from UCLA with an AB in Art History. She also holds an Interior Design Certification from Parsons School of Design and a diploma in culinary arts from Luberon College in Avignon, France. She is the author of two award-winning cookbooks and an avid collector of Swedish antique furniture, Oriental rugs and great shoes. She and her husband, the journalist and war correspondent Sydney Schanberg, will soon move from New York City to the house they renovated in New York’s Hudson Valley.

Allison Arnett 

It was Allison Arnett’s French Gray Island Kitchen that first caught

Atticmag founder and Editor Jane Freiman’s eye.  Her obvious love of

homes and design led to her position as Shopping Editor.  Allison’s

fondness for furniture and accessories began as a child in her family’s

furniture store.  Although she has no formal training, over the years

she has built on her natural creative instincts.  Allison loves to

frequent local antique shops and is always on the look out for them when

traveling.  She has spent the last five years decorating their new “old”

stone cottage – a recent Atticmag feature was her search for a pair of

French os de mouton chairs.


Food Blogger Greg Henry of Sippitysup

I may not be a design expert. But I am a food blogger and I am in the kitchen a lot. I also survived a monster of a kitchen remodel, and learned something in the process. The biggest design challenge in my remodel was doing a modern kitchen for someone who cooks as much as I do. While still making it look and feel like it belonged in an 85-year-old Italian style house in Hollywood. But I didn’t want an “old fashioned” styled kitchen either. It needed to walk the line between historically appropriate and conveniently modern. Because my kitchen and how it looks and functions is a reflection of my life and my blog.

Sippity Sup-Serious Fun Food is about fresh takes on the familiar. My recipes & wine pairings tend to be simple, modern and colorful, with roots in traditional styles. This philosophy seems to have been embraced by the online food community. I have been a speaker at The FoodBuzz Festival and CampBlogaway. I have led cooking demonstrations in Panama & Costa Rica and developed recipes for major brands. I was even featured in Food & Wine Magazine, Angeleno and Garden Design. These experiences have allowed me to see that why I cook is every bit as important as how I cook. I’m drawn to simple pairings of diverse flavors. I think we should eat healthy, but prefer classic techniques using real ingredients. Including real fats. I think a bold hand and a deft palate allow the simple beauty of food to shine. And though I am serious in my pursuit of these things, I believe food should be fun. Serious Fun.




Designer & Author James Swan



James Swan is head of New Wall Enterprises, LLC a Beverly Hills-based design and lifestyle group focused on delivering smart-design-daily to consumers across the country and around the world.  As a lifestyle leader he has been featured in House & Garden Magazine, House Beautiful and the Los Angeles Times.  He has chronicled a Trends & Shopping column for House & Garden Magazine, as well as his own design blog, The Design Quotient. Adding author (with the new book 101 Things I Hate About Your House) and speaker (NeoCon West) to his accomplishments has further broadened his influence. 


A recently launched pre-publication Facebook Business Page features 101 Things I Hate About Your House with inspired interaction from a growing following of Swan’s work.   Swan’s career took off back in Northern California at a noted San Francisco architecture firm, where he managed residential interiors. After that, Los Angeles beckoned, specifically the prestigious firm of Frank K. Pennino & Associates, where as senior designer he managed high-profile projects, and earned a reputation for refined classical design that succinctly reflected his clients’ lives.  In 1999, Swan opened his own firm in Beverly Hills.   Recently he his talents earned him VoxVodka/Out Magazine’s Designer of the Year Award. In 2009 Ballard Designs announced their first collaboration with a nationally known designer, James Swan.  His collection of home furnishings and accessories will debut in 2011.   


From 2005-2009, Swan has been a member of the Executive Board of Directors of the Gay and Lesbian Victory Fund.  His other community commitments include PAWS/LA, which assists with the care of pets for people living with disabilities, and KidSmart, an art education foundation for inner-city youth.  In his free time, Swan may be found indulging his passion for gardening, skiing and travel.  Currently he divides his time between Beverly Hills, Boston and Pemaquid, Maine.

Kitchen Designer, Blogger & Creator of the Bornholm Kitchen—Susan Serra

Susan Serra CKD has over 20 years experience as a kitchen design professional. Her blog, The Kitchen Designer, explores new ways of thinking about kitchen design. There she shares her thoughts on the process of kitchen design, explores fresh ideas, emerging trends, and also redefines (or celebrates!) tradition.

After years at the top of her field, Susan recently released her own line of exquisite Scandinavian cabinetry—the Bornholm Kitchen. A small island off the coast of Denmark, Bornholm, its architecture and its interiors are the epitome of classic Scandinavian style. The landscape and design aesthetic are, at once: rugged, soft, clean, simple, fresh and so very green. Bornholm Kitchen is an expression of Bornholm, the island’s point of view.

Strong and sturdy construction details create the legacy and determine the longevity of a Bornholm Kitchen. Natural, high quality wood species and oil finishes add uncompromising beauty. Bornholm Kitchen is proudly American made.

Bornholm is designed to be a flexible collection of kitchen and bath furniture. It can be customized as required. The collection is seamlessly interpreted in any theme or style, transitioning between open spaces with ease.

A new design line also comes with a new blog. Follow updates and adventures and all things Bornholm at the cleanly styled Simply Bornholm.

Italian-American Food Blogger Vincent Scordo focuses on food, recipes, lifestyle/culture, products, saving money, and how-to advice and tips, all from an Italian-American perspective (click here to read through some of my top articles).

I’m a first generation Italian-American and the son of immigrant parents from Pellegrina (Bagnara Calabra), Calabria in southern Italy.  My parents taught me how to eat well, save money, manage a home, use my hands, and, yes, live like an Italian (which means living a little bit differently than everyone else)!  Papa and Mamma also taught me about perseverance, craftiness, and compassion.  Here’s my view on the Italian-American experience.

I’m not a trained chef, money manager, or regular on This Old House, rather a regular guy from New Jersey who’s been influenced by his southern Italian culture and tradition.

I’ve worked as a research assistant at an Ivy league university, a project manager at an Internet start-up, an interactive media director at an advertising agency, a usability and web marketing manager at a German car company, and as a brand manager at a consumer product testing and advocacy organization.  As a teenager and college student, I worked as a garbage man, janitor, landscaper, travel agent, HTML editor for a climate change think tank, sandwich maker, and as a maintenance man at woman’s clothing shop.  My wife tells me I make sense on occasion, but please challenge my assertions and advice with a comment and email.

Oh, Scordo means both garlic and forgetful and I have both a poor short term memory and a love for garlic (my breath is fine, by the way), so the name must be appropriate!

*Vincent also used Horton Brasses hardware in his own home kitchen remodel. And of course, he blogged about it!

Kitchen Hardware Giveaway!

Exciting news! To celebrate the launch of Horton Brasses new kitchen hardware line, we are holding a contest. The prize? One lucky winner will have their entire kitchen outfitted in their choice of Horton Brasses hardware.

Choose from the new high end cabinet jewelry: The Queslett, Bakes Pull, Beehive Knob, Round Knob, and Crescent Pull. Appliance pulls are part of the winning package! This is quite a contest. Check out the hardware in detail but I warn you, have a drool cloth in hand.

Of course, you may also choose accent pieces from any other pieces of Horton Brasses gorgeous hardware, including the popular cabinet latch, sand casted decorative Victorian bin pulls, and any other knob and pull from the Horton Brasses catalog.



The contest will run from April 11th to June 1st, 2011. All entries for consideration must be submitted by midnight, June 1st, EST.

The winner will be selected by a panel of judges based on which kitchen will best display the Horton Brasses new hardware line.

There must be a minimum of 25 entries for the giveaway.

The winner will have 30 days from time of notification to select, install, and submit pictures of hardware to Horton Brasses’s for promotional use. Before shipping, Horton Brasses will need the winner’s credit card information as a security in case winner does not submit pictures of installed hardware.

Please email entries to:



1) Submit up to 5 photos of your kitchen.  We understand that, if you are mid-remodel, the scene may be a little rough. The judges have vision, I assure you. If your cabinets have yet to be installed, you may submit floorplan elevations, pictures of door samples, etc. Feel free to include pics of unique details that will make your kitchen the perfect showplace for this exquisite hardware!

2) Along with pictures, submit a 3 line blurb about your kitchen. Creativity appreciated, haiku loved by me but given no actual preferred weight by judges.

3) Name your entry! Distinguish your kitchen from the start with a unique name. This is not required but will fun-up the contest. Otherwise, you kitchen will be known as “Firstname InitialofLastName’s Kitchen.”



Later in the week we will announce our panel of celebrity judges. We are fortunate to be working with a range of judges spanning the blogosphere. From food to style to kitchen design, we have it covered. These folks know good taste, are full of personality and bring their own perspective to the contest.

Of course, we know our readers also possess these traits so audience participation is also valued. The audience gets a vote! In the event of a tie-breaker, we will defer to the comments tally. There are 4 ways to participate. Take advantage of them all.

1) Leave a comment on the HB blog thread where the entry pictures are displayed.

2) Leave a comment on the HB Facebook page.

3) Tweet your vote! To make your tweet count, format your tweet as follows:

Casting my vote: (insert name of kitchen) #HortonBrassesGiveaway @sabjimata

4) Leave a comment on our celebrity judges’ post about the contest. More on that later. Check back regularly to the Horton Brasses blog for links to these posts!