Are You Mobile?

We have some exciting new things happening for people who are out and about. First and foremost, a fully mobile comparable website is just about ready-it is done and we are working out some minor bugs at the moment. The URL we’ve always had, but if you login from your phone it is a completely different set up-one that is friendly to small screens-no more pinch and zoom. We’ll let you know when its done.


And even more for the on the move design professional is our new traveling display case. We designed one of these for me (Orion) to take with me to visit customers. It is a completely customized plastic “briefcase” with a molded interior to perfectly carry a selection of hardware. I’ve seen roughly half a dozen customers or so since we made it, and it is something of a hit. More than one person has asked us to design one for them-so we did-and now we’d like to offer it to you.

Why would you want this? So you can easily show a variety of hardware options to your clients in a rather stylish way. Have a small showroom or office? The case keeps a nice selection of items on a shelf, out of the way, and easy to show. Travel to clients homes or offices for meetings? Toss the case in the car and off you go. The version we put on our website is set up with the hardware I wanted to carry-it is a nice selection of our newest lines like the Jefferson and Bourneville ranges, along with a sampling of The Standards and cabinet hinges. But don’t let that limit you. We will custom design this to fit the hardware you want to carry-not us. We even discount the display hardware.

box4-L box3-L box2-L

By the way, if you want to go a bit more upscale, we can have the case made in metal as opposed to plastic.

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