Furniture Restoration

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Whether it’s furniture you are building yourself or old furniture you are restoring, we here at Horton Brasses love to see how your projects turn out! One of my favorite pieces that I have seen was a restoration project from Stephen Gero over at Old Village Antiques. This piece, for me, stood out for a few reasons. Not just because it was beautifully done, but because this was the very first time that I got to see our products on a finished piece.
Now at the time when Stephen first brought in the table that he was planning on restoring, I was maybe only a year in since I had started here at Horton Brasses. During that time I had the chance to work in the different departments here at the shop and see first hand, the many steps we go through when processing and filling orders. I was still fairly new with our products so I was always pretty fascinated when we would polish them up to our semi and bright finish or brush them to down to make our light antique. For me at the time, the semi bright was my favorite finish. And when I saw Stephan’s finished table and saw that he had used a semi bright finish, I got pretty excited. Chances were, that it was probably me who polished that hardware, and here they were; installed on a table.

On the restoration project, Stephen used a few of our empire knobs, H-49 for those of you interested in the exact ones, a pair of inset escutcheons (H-39), and some round cup casters (HG-75). When I first saw the table he was doing, it looked pretty worn out, and as you can see from the pictures, that it needed some major sanding. It’s amazing how much of a difference a new coat of stain and new hardware can make on your furniture. Overall the end result came out great and I myself, felt a sense of accomplishment knowing that I had a small part in his restoration project.