It’s been a while

Without digging in, I would guess its been a whopping 3 years since my last post. I guess that makes the blog a tad dated. But starting today I would like to get this a little more active. You might want to know what we are up to? Well let me tell you a little bit. Horton Brasses is lucky in that we are weathering our current recession pretty well. With that in mind, one can never be content to rest on our laurels. I am on a full fledged mission to add new products. What new items you might ask? Next week we will be introducing cup casters, square and round, in nickel finishes. Seems like a good idea, no? Well I can’t take the credit. You, our loyal customers, asked us. It is merely my job to deliver. These are the same fine English casters we carry now in a new finish. But wait, there’s more! You have seen ring pulls, square pulls, and rectangular pulls. How about oval pulls? We will be introducing some nifty oval ring pulls in 2 seizes and 6 finishes. I am sure there are numerous uses from furniture to cabinets and beyond. Pics of both items are soon to follow. My goal is to introduce 100 new products by January 1, 2010. Your input is invited. Post a reply or shoot me an e-mail through the website.

Brassco’s Fifth generation

At 1:10 AM, May 17 2005 Horton brasses became a five generation company.

Marian and Orion had a 9 lb. 2 0z. boy.

The baby hasn’t opened his eyes yet, and Marian and Orion don’t want to name him until they all have a look at one another.

Barb and I heard the baby cry over the phone at a bit after 6 this morning and he sounds strong and vigorous.

We have just loved the whole process of the pregnancy with the anticipation of grandparenthood. No we begin life as grandparents……. life cannot be much sweeter than this.

Product Forum

We would like to invite all of our vistors to do two things here. One, we will be asking you for input on some of our products. I wil post some questions about some new products in the hopes of getting feedback. Of course, if you have comments about products we are not asking about, please go ahead and post them. Two, we would like to know what you all would like us to carry. Are there products you would like to see us make? New sizes of existing products? Any and all suggestions are welcomed.

Woodworking forum

We would like to invite all of our visitors to use this space to talk about woodworking. If you have a question or comment about anything relating to furniture and cabinetry, please post it here. Technique questions, finishing, wood selection, whatever your interest or concern, please feel free to post. We will try to help, but you our customers and visitors are the experts, hopefully advice and information can be shared.

Customer Comments

This little section of our blog is devoted to customer letters and comments. We are fortunate enough to get e-mails and letters from our customers with comments, suggestions, and compliments. We will start to post some of those up here. I guess it is a little self promotion, but we are proud of what we do. Anyone visiting the blog and website is welcome to post as well. Suggestions and comments are more than welcome.


Welcome to the hardware forum of our little blog. Please feel free to post hardware comments and questions here. One of us will post a reply as needed. Any of our readers, if there are any, are also welcome to chime in with comments.

If you need more specific information, feel free to e-mail me through the site, Sorry, cannot post my e-mail here as it will bring on more spam.

People news

Well the news around Horton Brasses is Baby Shower excitement. This Saturday Barb is throwing a baby shower for Marian. It is a surprise to Marian, and I think she is still in the dark. The event seems to be the news of the week here, I think all the office folks are a little bit excited.

Horton Brasses happenings

Maybe you are wondering what the folks at Horton Brasses are up to lately. Well, in addition to working on our new product, the SL-6 latch (see earlier post), we are working our way through a rash of injuries and illnesses (see our disabled list). This week, for the first time in a month, our regular shippper Mary Hayes returned to work. Like a breath of fresh air, her smile and laugh bring a lightness to the place we haven’t had in a while. Barb and Toby returned to work a little more than a week ago. Barb has gone right into the color room here to help Chris learn to color a little better. Chris does a great job, but a little training goes a long way. Myself, I am relieved to have the help.

We are about to begin working on our next catalog already. The current one will run out early next winter, maybe even late fall, so it is that time already.

We hope to turn this blog into something new and different for the woodworking community. A place to post messages and event details. A place to get advice and to learn new things. And a place to showcase fine furniture and antiques. However, it is not a place to sell furniture and antiques, just a place for community to see them and discuss them.

We are working on a new bit of advertising. After much consideration, we feel it is time to market a little more agressively. We have found a place where we think people who may need our products go, and we will begin advertising there shortly.

That’s about all for now.

New products

Horton Brasses is always looking for new products, and a new one is right around the corner. Coming in the next couple of months will be a brand new pantry latch. Designed to match the style and finishes of our very popular SL-4, the SL-6 is a larger version with the same style and grace. For years customers have requested a larger latch and now we finally have one. Keep an eye out, we will let you know when this becomes available.

Christmas Dinner

Welcome to the 3rd annual Brassco Bash. After a good year for the business, it was great to get out of our factory clothes and celebrate. This year, there were 21 of us in attendance..