Pleased to introduce Julian

He will still only open his eyes with the teensiest of a squint, but Orion & Marian caught a glimpse of his eyes, and went ahead with naming the boy.
Marian’s father’s father was named Yun Jae Sun so they are honoring a grandparent with the middle name.

The meaning of Jae Sun is wonderful as well. Jae means ongoing, or continuing. Sun means goodness or benevolence. So the name translates very loosely to continuing goodness! This picture is taken on day one and already he is changing.

We met our grandson

We met our grandson today, his first day. Sweet day.

Not much to say about it, if you get it, or if you have experienced it, no need, otherwise a waste of words.

Brassco’s Fifth generation

At 1:10 AM, May 17 2005 Horton brasses became a five generation company.

Marian and Orion had a 9 lb. 2 0z. boy.

The baby hasn’t opened his eyes yet, and Marian and Orion don’t want to name him until they all have a look at one another.

Barb and I heard the baby cry over the phone at a bit after 6 this morning and he sounds strong and vigorous.

We have just loved the whole process of the pregnancy with the anticipation of grandparenthood. No we begin life as grandparents……. life cannot be much sweeter than this.