Introducing The Queslett Knob

We have so many new things coming out in the next month, we can barely stand it. This is our newest knob-the Queslett Knob. This knob and plate combination matches our existing line of Queslett bin pulls and stands on its own as well. As with all of our hardware, it is available in all 7 of our finishes. We are featuring it here in our polished nickel finish.

What is Queslett you might ask? Well Queslett is an old affluent area of Birmingham, and according to legend was the birthplace of Squire Queslett who accompanied Sir Ivanhoe on the Crusades. Allegedly he was well known and praised for his cullinary skills and well-ordered kitchen!

Horton Brasses Queslett knob in polished nickel finish

Horton Brasses Queslett knob in polished nickel finish

The entire Queslett range is forged from solid brass in Birmingham, England, with finishing done in our Cromwell, CT factory.

Press Release

Six finishes are great. Seven are even better. Horton Brasses is again introducing something new, and this introduction is huge. It’s not as simple as a new product or size, instead we are offering an entirely new finish for every piece of brass hardware we make.

Light Antique is now a standard, stock finish! Light Antique is lighter than our regular Antique but not so bright as to look new. The beautiful gold color shines through the soft antique brown. Once again, this is a customer driven improvement. We have provided Light Antique by special request for a few years. Adding it to our extensive product list as a standard finish is a large undertaking, but a project whose time has come. In stock at all times; no minimum order; no upcharge; quantity discounts available. Check out the website:

What can we do for you?

What are you looking for? Any products you can’t seem to find? Something you wish we made or carried? In these trying economic times, it seems the best thing I can do is listen. If anyone reads this, which I admit I doubt, I would love to hear from you. Any and all suggestions are welcome. On an related note, have you bought from us? If so, can you tell me about the experience? Good stories are great, but I want to hear the bad too. We cannot do any better unless we know. Again, I am open to suggestions.

More new products…

Circles and squares? Yes. How about ovals? Why not? Horton Brasses is proud to introduce a new classic. Oblong, elegant, ovals-a new twist on an old favorite. When a ring is too round and a square is too, well, square, try an oval. Solid brass forgings; made for us in England, 2 sizes and six finishes. Try them in a media room, Mom’s office, or anywhere your heart desires. We make a finish for every décor. Satin brass and satin nickel are soft, warm finishes, while polished brass and polished nickel reflect and sparkle; daring the admirer to come closer. Antique brass and oil rubbed bronze are dark finishes and will appeal to customers looking for that timeless piece of hardware. In stock at all times; no minimum order; quantity discounts available. Check out the website:

Part numbers: OP-1, OP-2

oblong oval ring pulls made of solid brass

What do you all think? Nice part? Not so nice? I’d love to hear it. One little thing, these are so new they haven’t made it the website yet. Give us a call at 800-754-9127 if you are interested.