Discreet Luxuries

Do an online image search for “luxury kitchen” and you’ll see that there is an even bigger design decision homeowners have to make when choosing a refrigerator. It is not Sub-Zero or Liebherr but rather whether or not to hide the biggest kitchen appliance behind a custom panel matching the cabinetry.

Pictured is a recent application of the Bakes Appliance Pull (BB-1) in action.  This traditional kitchen outfitted in white cabinetry flawlessly integrates a twin refrigerator and freezer set into the overall kitchen design. Just imagine how such large pieces of kitchen appliances would change the feel of the space if the exterior finishes were not wood cabinetry but stainless steel. By using the Bakes Appliance Pulls, the kitchen design disguises industrial sized appliances with furniture-like panels. Thus, maintaining a warm, homey aesthetic that would otherwise be undermined by professional grade refrigeration.

Different factors will contribute to the decision making process.

Are coordinating panels in the budget?

Whether you are planning a $1,000 remodel or a $100,000 remodel, everyone is working with a budget. That means certain things on the wish list may go unrealized. While refrigerator door panels used to be associated with custom cabinetry, more middle grade cabinet lines are offering this option. Still, this finish choice for your refrigerator is an added cost; the finished cost will increase once you add matching appliance handles.

What is your design aesthetic?

Matching appliance panels contribute heavily to the clean, integrated look modern design enthusiasts seek. Kitchens with old–fashioned aspirations benefit from the look of custom panels, disguising appliances that would detract from a period look. Traditional kitchens also reap style rewards when appliances are hidden behind cabinetry, blending the kitchen seamlessly into the now ubiquitous open floor plan.

Are there appliance handles that match your cabinet hardware?

Most people choose to hide the refrigerator behind matching panels to create a serene, suited look. Don’t undermine this by neglecting to match your appliance pulls to your cabinet hardware. When beginning the cabinet hardware selection, save time by seeking out hardware lines that have knobs, pulls, and appliance hardware.

This past year, Horton Brasses increased appliance pull offerings and now includes 5 different appliance pulls that coordinate with the other kitchen hardware. Whether you are interested in seductively clean curving lines for a modern kitchen, historically accurate Macintosh pulls for an Arts & Crafts restoration, insanely elegant handles for that classically bespoke British affect, or really want to make a statement in your kitchen with hefty bin pulls or barn-like iron grips, Horton’s got it.

What did you do in your kitchen? Did you put that big fridge on display or did you integrate it into the look of your cabinetry? Was appliance pull selection a factor for you when choosing your kitchen cabinetry hardware?

I love my job

For many reasons. One of them is the chance to be involved in some small way with the projects our customers create. Sometimes, when we are really lucky, our customers share some pics. In the link below is a kitchen in Philadelphia, PA. I think it is absolutely stunning. All of us at Horton Brasses are continuously amazed by the inspired design and superb craftsmanship that is out there. We are all proud that many of the countries finest cabinetmakers, furniture makers, designers, and of course regular folks, choose our hardware. Without further ado, here are the pics of one fine kitchen:

Philadelphia Kitchen

If you are interested here is a little list of contributors to the design and build:

Theresa Aldamlouji, Aldamlouji and Parker Architects, Ambler, PA

Daniel Boruta, Boruta Custom Wood Flooring, Fairless Hills, PA

Fabian Dubrunfaut, Dubrunfaut Woodworking, Philadelphia, PA

Orion Henderson, Horton Brasses, Cromwell, CT

Michael Kozak, Kozak Painting and Wallpapering, Ivyland, PA

Theresa Landell, Bridgewater Designs, Philadelphia, PA

Jeff Rittenhouse, C&J Construction, Blue Bell, PA

Ann Marie DiTomaso, Stone Masters, Aston, PA