Today is a woodworking project Monday. We have a backlog of incredible pieces that people have emailed to us over the last few weeks, and rather than dole them out one at a time we are giving you all of them all at once.  Because we are nice like that! Ha, maybe we just can’t keep up and need to get them out there on the wonderful, wonderful web. Anyway:

We’ll start with Wayne, in his own words:

Timing is everything!  Your hardware was installed just this week on our custom desk/wall unit.
We are quite satisfied with the quality and aesthetics of the parts as well as the outstanding responsiveness of Horton Brasses in providing color samples and ultimately the selected knobs and handles so quickly.
We searched a long time and are pleased — and fortunate — that we found you.
Here are some photos of the finished piece:
And from Mike:
I couldn’t be more delighted with the handles I got from you. They were used on either side of a goncalo alves jewelry box I made for my granddaughter. She was delighted and ‘oohed’ and ‘aahed’ over every detail, especially the handles. The scale was perfect for the size of the box I built, and complemented the character of the wood quite nicely.  The motif was perfect for the application. I look forward to using more of your products on future projects. (I wish the pix showed off the handles better, but believe me, they are perfect!)
And finally, we have Patrick with a very unique Chinese style piece:
I finally completed my project, a chest inspired by a 19th century Chinese dynastic era piece.  Your hinges are perfect.  You did not have a Macintosh style catch of the type I wanted, but I found something from another vendor with the same patina. It used phillips screws instead of slots, so I will order some antique brass slot screws from you with my next order.  Your screws will look better on the chest.
I am a woodworker for fun, so I do not purchase a lot of hardware, but your website is the first place I look for great quality products.
 DSCF6471 DSCF6475

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