What’s the point of having a house if no one can find it? Yes, that works for J.D. Salinger, but for the average non-recluse, it’s helpful to have house numbers prominently displayed on the exterior of your domicile to facilitate visitors, fill-in FedEx drivers and, of course, 911 responders.

Many people go for a metallic finish, but I find these iron powder coated numbers the perfect contrast for visual distinction. Not simply there for decoration–although we always like stuff to look good–house numbers serve a purpose. Really, how noticeable are numbers in a light finish on a light house? Exactly my point.


These craftsman numbers are stylized to compliment bungalows, tudors and arts & crafts style homes while simple enough in design to work mounted on traditional colonials, modern dwellings– as well as the wide range of design possibilities in between.

A truly American-made product, blacksmith Darryl Chernikovich plasma cuts each handmade piece in his Ohio shop. These numbers are flat and thin, offering a slim profile of the most classic aesthetic, enhancing the functionality yet not detracting from the style of the home. 


Looking for something absolutely unique and extraordinary? Horton Brasses also does custom sizes, fonts, letters, numbers, etc.  Custom house numbers! Made to order! Whatever font you want! Whatever size! Definitely exciting information worthy of many, many exclamation marks! I feel like this post is worthy of PSA-status, saving people time googling “custom house numbers” or “customized house font.” Just email Orion!



What could be cuter than this! Even if you live in the smallest house in the world…even if you live in half a house…Horton Brasses has your number!


In the past, they’ve done custom script address signs with all the letters connected (fancy!), some with a border and some without. Whatever idea you have to distinguish your home or office, Horton Brasses can execute it.

Aside from these house numbers, Darryl is also responsible for Horton Brasses trunk corners  and trunk brackets. It’s not every day that I need trunk hardware, but knowing where I can get a hold of some quality American made corners and brackets really does make me a calmer person. Better than chamomile tea.


Darryl also has an Etsy shop, where he sells designy home decor sculptures as well as jewelry.