It’s been a while

Without digging in, I would guess its been a whopping 3 years since my last post. I guess that makes the blog a tad dated. But starting today I would like to get this a little more active. You might want to know what we are up to? Well let me tell you a little bit. Horton Brasses is lucky in that we are weathering our current recession pretty well. With that in mind, one can never be content to rest on our laurels. I am on a full fledged mission to add new products. What new items you might ask? Next week we will be introducing cup casters, square and round, in nickel finishes. Seems like a good idea, no? Well I can’t take the credit. You, our loyal customers, asked us. It is merely my job to deliver. These are the same fine English casters we carry now in a new finish. But wait, there’s more! You have seen ring pulls, square pulls, and rectangular pulls. How about oval pulls? We will be introducing some nifty oval ring pulls in 2 seizes and 6 finishes. I am sure there are numerous uses from furniture to cabinets and beyond. Pics of both items are soon to follow. My goal is to introduce 100 new products by January 1, 2010. Your input is invited. Post a reply or shoot me an e-mail through the website.