Thursday Happy Hour

It’s Thursday, and for many people that means the week is coming to an end. Though not usually, ironically, for a professional custom woodworkers. They rarely leave the shop at all.

But I digress, Thursday is a night out for many, or a night to have a drink or two at home. Today, we are answering the question: What is a nice way to store the booze? Two hundred years ago the answer, frequently, was a cellarette. A small box of sorts with a locking drawer and lid. Put the booze in the big patt and the rest of the supplies in the drawer-lock them up and be done with it. I would think this piece, by Jim Huggett, would be a beautiful addition to most any traditional home.


Ah yes, the reason I write about these in the first place. The hardware. Jim chose our PB-409 butt hinges for the lid, H-10 rosette pulls for the drawers, H-42 knobs for the pull out, and our LK-6 lock for the lid.

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