How come you guys never have sales?

Because I don’t believe in them.  My philosophy is to charge a fair price all the time, no gimmicks, no coupon codes, no secret handshakes.  In my mind; if something is on sale, that means anyone who paid full price got a lousy deal.  That doesn’t set right with me.

If you think our products and prices are reasonable, then you can be confident that we won’t be discounting next week for our annual, semi-annual, biweekly, daily, or hourly specials.  Quality products, made to last a lifetime, at the best price we can offer all the time.

But..every once in a while we do discontinue some pieces.  That time is now.  We have several pieces of hardware that are on clearance starting today!  Supplies are limited, so if you’re a deal hunter-the time is now.  The hardware available includes two beautiful cast Victorian era bin pulls and two of our arts and crafts style cabinet pulls.  These are first run, solid brass, kitchen cabinet hardware available at very low prices while supplies last.  Doing a new kitchen?  Our AD-4010 5″ pull and AD-4020 8-3/4″ pull might be just what you are looking for.

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