Campaign Coffee Table from D.R. Dimes & Co.

Campaign furniture is surging popularity right now.  And with good reason-classically proportioned and elegant, yet simple and sturdy-well suited to a life on the move.  It fits the 21st century as well as the 19th century.

Campaign furniture was popularized by high ranking British Officers of the British Empire.  The rise and expansion of the British Empire in the eighteenth and 19th centuries created a need for portable, durable furniture to travel with the officers of both the army and navy.   Dimes produces this coffee table in the style.  Hardware is and was a key element of campaign furniture.  The brass straps and corner pieces were both decorative and functional-holding the wood together and preventing damage as the pieces were transported long distances in less than ideal conditions.

Dimes uses custom made TH-50B corners, TH-1B L brackets, and our H-24 teardrop pulls on this piece.  Campaign_Coffee_Table_jpg_380x380_q85Campaign_Coffee_Table_openCampaign_Coffee_Table_corner_-_DRDIMES

All photos courtesy D.R. Dimes and Co.

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