Connecticut Linen Press

J0hn Whitmore build this lovely linen press not too far from us in Middlefield Connecticut.  John is a 3rd generation furniture maker, now retired, and until his retirement owned the George Whitmore Company.  The Whitmore’s did both new reproductions as well as restorations.  In fact, this piece has an antique base with a new top.  The delicate inlay has been carefully matched to the original.  John chose our most popular Chippendale pull, the C-602S.

The Whitmore’s and the Horton’s go back a long time.  Chauncey and George (Whitmore) were furniture makers and founded the company in Middlefield, CT in the 1930’s.  How do we know them?  Well, both Chauncey and George worked with my great-grandfather, Frank Horton, at Portland Boatworks (CT) during World War 1.Whitmore


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