Some pieces of furniture have stories

And some are better than others, Doug Santo has this to say about his tall case clock:

“A friend died suddenly of heart failure about 5 months ago. He was an engineer by profession and an interesting man. He enjoyed taking stereo photographs with a camera he designed and built. He was a photographer, a gunsmith, a metal worker, a woodworker, a stained-glass artist, a rock hound, and a jewelry maker. Over the years, he had accumulated a collection of rare and highly figured hardwood veneers. He also collected a fair amount of domestic hardwood lumber. Around the year 2000, he purchased a German-made grandfather clock movement, but he never got around to building his clock. After he passed, his wife asked me if I would make a clock using the movement and wood and veneer he had collected. So I did. The clock is made from solid black walnut, crotch walnut, ash, ebony, and camphor. Veneers include Australian lace wood, Australian maple, fiddleback walnut, flame walnut, birdseye maple, and camphor. The knobs are lathe-turned ebony with maple detail. Construction is mortise and tenon with flat panels. The piece is finished with hand-rubbed oil and wax. The camphor wood drawers were left unfinished so when a drawer is opened you get a wonderful whiff of camphor. The movement is a Kieninger KSU 50, triple chime, with auto-sequencing and auto night shut-off. It includes a 116 cm brass pendulum. Designed and hand crafted in loving memory of Curt Quackenbush.”

Quakenbush clock

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