Replacing Your Hardware is Easy

 Replacing kitchen cabinet hardware made easy

Do you have rickety, unstable furniture in your home? Are the handles on your refrigerator or kitchen cabinets old and tired? If so, the good news is you don’t have to replace the furniture or re-do the cabinets; all you have to do is replace the hardware. Before you start to panic, let us explain to you just how easy, and fun, replacing hardware can be.

Decide on a Style – The first thing you need to do before replacing your hardware is decide on a style. If you like the way your current cabinets or furniture looks, then go ahead and match replacements, as closely as you can, to the existing set. At Horton Brasses, you can find a wide variety of hardware that comes in styles like hand forged iron, brass, and much more.

Prepare the Swap – If you’re replacing hardware in the kitchen, why not give those cabinets a fresh coat of paint while you’re at it? You’ve already taken the hardware off, so why not tinker with the rest of the aesthetics? If you’re replacing hardware on furniture, go ahead and clean up the dust, dirt, and rust before putting on the new hardware. If you put a little more work into the piece of furniture, or cabinets, before installing the new hardware, the results will be 10 fold, and many people will think you bought new furniture or remodeled the kitchen.

Replace – When you’re replacing your hardware, make sure to take your time. If you install hardware too quickly, you run the risk of damaging it. Trust us when we say that damaged hardware is no better than old hardware. Don’t waste your time, money, and effort. Good luck as you shop for new hardware, and enjoy the restoration process!