Revive Your Kitchen Table

How to revive your kitchen table

After years of abuse, your kitchen table may be salvageable or headed for the dump. It squeaks, moans, teeters, rattles, and, man oh man, is it scratched up! Before you throw it curbside, remember that fixing your table is much cheaper than replacing it. Here are some easy ways to revive your table.

Hinges – If you have a table that has a drop leaf, one that folds down when you don’t need it and then lifts up to extend the length of you table, you can fix those squeaks and get rid of those rusty hinges simply by replacing them. If you find yourself muscling the leaf into place, perhaps it’s time you replace the hardware.

Spiders – If you have a wobbly table, you can add extra stability just by adding table spiders. Table spiders can either be used directly under the table top or they can be used under the feet. Using them under the table top will help hold the table together if it is rickety and tired. Adding spiders to the feet will keep it from rocking or wobbling.

Yokes – Many families have dining room tables that extend by adding a center segment, also called a leaf. As the table ages, separating the table to add or remove the leaf can become more difficult. In order to make this process easier on you and your sore muscles, check out table yokes that are designed to mount on the underside of the table, making assembly easy and hassle free.

If you’re still worried about the scratches, pen marks, and other dings your table has acquired over the years, simply sand and refinish. It may sound like a lot of work, but trust us, refinishing your table is the most economical solution. Plus, you might find yourself enjoying restoration projects.