So Many Finishes to Choose, Whatever Should You Do?

How to choose a finish when adding new kitchen hardware.

You’ve picked your hardware, but you’re still not done making important decisions. Now you have to pick the finish! You thought this would be an easy choice, but you were unprepared for the wide variety of options! How will you ever be able to choose just one? Here is a breakdown of all the finishes that Horton Brasses has to offer. We are confident that you’ll fall in love with a finish that is perfect for your home!

Nickel Finishes – If you’re looking for a finish that looks just like stainless steel, nickel is the right option for you. Nickel looks like silver and is commonly mistaken as stainless steel. It may be because of its strikingly mirror-like characterizes; regardless, this finish is actually made from solid brass and overlaid with a nickel top coat. Whether you choose a polished nickel finish or a satin nickel finish, both are classy and beautiful and are sure to turn heads.

Antique Finishes – A variety all in itself. Our antique finishes range from a light antique to medium antique to a deep, oil-rubbed bronze. Our medium antique finish is our most popular, as it is extremely versatile and goes well with almost any style. Our lighter finish is our newest; it is bright and shines with a gold hue. Although it is brighter than the other two options, it doesn’t shine like a new penny. This is still an antique finish.

Bright Finishes – If you don’t want a dark antique finish and you’re not one to buy nickel hardware, now what? Lucky for you, we also offer two bright finish options. Bright finishes are also more commonly known as polished brass. It is far brighter and shinier than the antique finish, but instead of having a silver color, it is more of a yellow, gold shade. This finish is perfect if you want warm finish with a beautiful luster.