Cleaning up Outdoor Furniture

 Cleaning up outdoor hardware including black iron

Spring is here, and you can’t wait to set up your outdoor furniture. That is until you unpack it, and you see the rusted metal, faded seat cushions, and chipped armrests. You really don’t have the money to purchase all new patio furniture, but you’re ashamed to set up your old, weathered set. What should you do? Well, why not fix up what you already have? Here are some tips to restore outdoor patio furniture.

Faded Leather – Nothing is worse than faded spots on a nice leather cushion. Now, contrary to popular belief, do not take a marker and fill in the faded areas. First of all, you’ll never find a marker that matches perfectly, and second of all, the marker will smudge, leaving you with an off-colored blotchy spot. Trust us when we say it’ll look worse than it did before you tampered with it. Instead, invest in a leather conditioner specifically designed to repair discolored leather. You should be able to find some at your local home improvement store.

Getting Rid of Rust – The first thing you noticed when you pulled out your furniture was all of that rust; a sure sign of patio decay. Well, the good news is removing rust is a lot easier than you may think. First, take a wire brush and vigorously rub to remove loose rust. You want a smooth surface so don’t be afraid to let that rust flake away. Once a smooth surface has been achieved, go ahead and repaint using a color of your choice. Just make sure that the paint you choose is rust resistant.

Dinged Wrought Iron Hand wrought iron is absolutely beautiful; however, when dinged, it can be considerably less attractive. If you find that your wrought iron furniture has been damaged, you can simply retouch it using spray paint. Take a can of black spray paint and hold six to twelve inches from the iron. Apply of thin layer of paint so that it doesn’t drip. Use black matte spray paint for best results.