Appliance Handles worth Hold

Appliance pulls worth holding featuring bakes pulls

When you think of your microwave, refrigerator, stove, grill, toaster oven, and other appliances you have in the kitchen, what parts tend to break or wear out first? If you said the handles, then we’re right there with you. For some reason, modern-day handles just aren’t built to last. It’s sad, really, as nothing is worse than having nasty, worn out handles on a beautiful, fully-functional piece of equipment. That’s where we come in; at Horton Brasses, you can replace those appliance handles with something worth holding.

Quality – Nowadays, appliance manufacturers are cutting corners, and one of those corners is handles. Instead of replacing your refrigerator or microwave just because the handles are worn out, why not replace the handles with something of higher quality? Our handles will actually match the longevity of your appliances, and we promise they’ll be beautiful for years and years to come. How can we guarantee such high quality product? Simply because we take pride in our handcrafted hardware. It’s built to last, here is how.

Hand Crafted – All of our replacement appliance handles are either cast from solid brass or handmade with a hammer, anvil, and coal forge. Ever heard the phrase, “Things just aren’t made like they used to be”? Well, here at Horton Brasses, things are made the way they used to be. In fact, we create hardware following the same methods as the early colonists and take our time to perfect each piece. That is why our replacement handles last so long; they’re made by the touch of a craftsman and not by a cold machine.

Added Detail – The best part about our replacement handles is that all stylized features and finishes are done by hand. When someone asks you where you got your handles, you can actually say that they are one of a kind; there are no handles truly like yours and that’s something worth holding.