The Beauty of Ring Pulls

Solid Brass ring pulls

There’s a reason stylish handles and pulls, specifically ring pulls, are so unique and beautiful; they’re uncommon. New, modern homes don’t tend to feature ring pulls; therefore, when they appear in stylized kitchens and dining rooms, we marvel at their eloquence. Don’t think that ring pulls will look good in your home? We beg to differ; here are a few reasons.

Delicate Accent – If you have delicate pieces of furniture in your home, ring pulls make great accents. Although strong and sturdy, ring pulls look dainty. Unlike other modern-day handles and knobs, ring pulls will not distract from the look of your soft, delicate antique furniture.

Functional – One of the greatest perks to installing rings pulls is how easy they are to use. The dangling ring yields a firm surface area that makes opening drawers and cabinets easy. Since the ring is only attached by a top pin, one can easily and effortlessly grip the ring. Ring pulls are ideal for a family with persons varying in age, especially if some struggle with mobility.

Style – It is easy to match ring pulls to existing furniture, since they are available in different sizes and colors. From brass to bronze and oil-rubbed iron to satin polished, these pulls can be integrated flawlessly with most designs. If you want to make a bold statement, consider installing a large ring pull of dark hand-forged iron. If you want to install a ring pull that is a bit more subtle, then choose a small to medium-sized ring that matches the stain of the cabinet or drawer.

Again, you won’t find many ring pulls in today’s modern homes. If you’re looking for hardware that will help create a new, unique look, then ring pulls are a great place to start. Ring pulls can be integrated with most any design and accent both modern furniture and delicate antiques beautifully.