Queen Anne Inspired

 Queen anne hand chased drawer pull

From 1690 until 1702, William and Mary were the monarchs of England.  In 1702, Queen Anne became the ruler of England and eventually Scotland, as well. Hardware from this period was unique in that it often featured very elaborate hand chased patterns on the brass plates.

Okay, we know what you’re thinking, “Who cares?” Actually, you may find it interesting that hand chased hardware, popularized during the reign of Queen Anne, has all but nearly disappeared from the modern world. Authentic pieces are a rarity, and companies who produce hand chased materials are far and few between. The Queen Anne style is simple and eloquent. In fact, most hand chased pieces of the late 17th and early 18th century tended to have floral, botanical themes. Natural curves and leaf-life designs gave these pieces an incredibly earth-like style. To better understand the hand chased technique, the closest comparison to modern day methods is embossing. Hand chased, as well as embossed pieces, are given ornate features by graving, furrowing, or indenting patterns into the material.

Perhaps the William and Marry, Queen Anne styled hardware is exactly the style you’re looking for. Perhaps this style is just what you need to complete your home style or to fix up old, antique furniture. If so, you’re in luck, because Horton Brasses continues to hand chased brass plates as we’ve done for nearly four generations. Our goal is to keep this early style of brass hardware alive for the enjoyment and appreciation of our customers. If you think that early 18th century brass hardware would be perfect for your antique or antique styled furniture, why not consider Queen Anne styled handles and pulls?  They’re sure not to disappoint.