Tips for Furniture Flipping

Tips for furniture flipping

Furniture flipping can be a great way to earn a second income. It takes some practice as well as patience to perfect the skill, but doing so can yield beautiful results. How do you restore a piece of furniture so that it’s worthy of purchase? Simply follow these furniture flipping steps, prepare yourself for some hard work, and have fun.

Furniture Finds – First things first, you need to find furniture to restore. Think cheap. Refinishing furniture can get costly, so focus your furniture finding efforts on yard sales, garage sales, Craigslist, and thrift shops. Look for pieces that are obviously worn and tired but have potential to be restored into a beautiful piece. The more worn out the piece is, the cheaper it will be for you to acquire it. The less you spend on the piece, the more profit you can make.

Sand and Strip – Before you can do any restoring, you must first strip the piece of old paint, finish, and stain. This can be strenuous and tiring, so take your time. For pieces that are painted, you can either sand them down or remove the paint using a paint remover. For wood pieces that are stained, first remove the stain using a chemical stripper and then sand it down to ensure all existing stain is removed. Before using any chemicals, make sure you read the manufacturer’s instructions, as not all chemical stain removers work on all types of wood. Sometimes when stain or paint is removed, holes or cracks in the wood become visible. Fill in these holes with a pigment paste so that you have a flat surface to work on.

Stain or Paint – This is the fun part. Choose your paint, stain, or finish and then get to work. Painting is simple; just remember to apply multiple, thin coats to avoid drips and streaks. When it comes to staining, be careful when choosing between oil-based, water-based, and gel-based stains, as each will yield unique results. After you finish staining or painting, make sure you apply a top sealer for added protection.

Hardware – New hardware is crucial when restoring a piece of furniture. You can take a piece right out of one century and recreate it to represent another just by fitting it with different hardware. Remember to be uniform when choosing your style, as a piece of furniture that has brass handles, iron knobs, and satin hinges will be hard to sell. Instead, choose handles, hinges, and knobs that match.