My Lufkin Scale

Today I’d like to write about my scale. What is a scale you ask?  A machinists scale is a ruler.  A very precise steel ruler, typically with increments down to the 64th place.  I picked up my scale at an open house for the Connecticut Valley School of Woodworking.  I don’t think Lufkin makes scales like mine anymore.  Why in the world would I write about a scale?  Because this Lufkin scale is a beautiful tool.  The marks are beautifully formed, the metal is thick, it doesn’t bend or twist.  Why does that matter?  Well, at some level, I guess, it doesn’t.  But this scale is a pleasure to hold, use, and touch.  The scale is so solid that it stands up on the long edge. I could get by with a wooden ruler poached from grade school-but why?  Why do that when I can use this beautifully formed too?  I grab it every chance I get.  I find myself sitting at my desk holding onto it for no reason at all.

Lufkin Scale

Now, you may be wondering, “what the heck does this have to do with hardware?  Everything.

The way an item feels to the touch is everything.  Whether your medium is tools, hardware, furniture, clothing, cars, and even computers.   If you are building cabinetry or furniture you know how long you spent getting the wood to the perfect finish.  You know how important the texture of the wood is.  Hardware is no different.  It has to feel good.  Horton Brasses makes hardware that feels good.  Our handles, pulls, and knobs feel good every time you open a drawer or door.  Our hardware, like this little Lufkin scale, exemplifies the details that make the difference.