The five best hardware companies in North America

Who makes the best hardware available in the USA?  Good question-with the advent of the internet there seems to be an endless number of suppliers of hardware for furniture and kitchen cabinetry.  If you are doing a new kitchen-all you need is one.  One reliable supplier who delivers the style you want, when you want it.  But what if you are in the trade?  You build or design cabinetry and furniture for a living.  You need hardware on a regular basis without the drama.  Horton Brasses knows a thing or two about hardware.  You need a vendor who you can count on.  So without further ado, here is the list of the 5 best hardware makers operating in the America.

1.  Ball & Ball, Exton, PA  Our original competitor-an old American company making great traditional hardware.

2.  Lee Valley Tools & Hardware  Not neccesarily a name you think of when you think of hardware, but they both make and design a wide variety of hardware.  Great hardware at great prices.

3.  Merit Metals  Known by architects everywhere for superbly cast and machined hinges.

4.  P.E. Guerin, Inc  Making great hardware in New York City since 1857!

5.  S.A. Baxter, NY, NY  The ultimate in luxury architectural and cabinet hardware.

So there you have it, 5 incredible companies.

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