What color should my kitchen cabinet hardware be?

This is the single most asked question we get.  The short answer is that there is no right or wrong.  Get what you like.  Would you like to know more than that?  OK, here goes.

What color are your kitchen cabinets?  If your cabinetry is going to be white we would suggest either polished nickel or dark antique.  Chances are you know what polished nickel looks like, but what the heck is dark antique?  Dark antique is what most companies call oil rubbed bronze.  We don’t like the term oil rubbed bronze, because it is not bronze.  It is brass in a very dark finish.  Here are two lovely kitchens, in white, with examples of each finish:

traditional kitchen

remodeled and updated kitchen

Photo courtest Crown Point Cabinetry, Claremont, NH.

But what if your kitchen is something else?  Stained wood, blue, green, etc?  Well, the same answer applies.  Use the hardware finish that you like.  It’s your kitchen after all.  Antique brass and satin nickel are two popular options that will give you a warm look.  For something a little more rustic, you might try hand forged iron.  And of course, polished nickel and dark antique aren’t limited to white, you can use them on any type of cabinetry.  Here are some examples of wood cabinets some more unique colors.

kitchen featuring hand forged iron hardware

Photo courtesy Faneuil Kitchen Cabinet, Hingham, MA

victorian style kitchen

Photo courtesy Crown Point Cabinetry, Claremont, NH.

So there you have it.  Several different examples and ideas.  If in doubt, order samples, return what you don’t want.  One more thing, and I think this gets missed by a lot of people.  Hardware is the only part of your cabinetry that you touch on a regular basis.  The way your hardware feels to the touch is as important as the way it looks.  Please choose good raw materials and a company that does good finishing work.