Choose Your Style

multiple styles of reproduction hardware

Settling for interior hardware can be a marginal task. What style should you go with and which one will best accentuate your personality? Horton Brasses has many beautiful, unique, authentic-looking styles to choose from, and we’re sure, once you’ve familiarized yourself with all the options, you’ll be able to choose the style most suitable for your home. Here are just a few of our many hardware styles.

Chippendale – If you’re looking for hardware that is both beautifully historical as well as classic, why not check out our Chippendale options? Chippendale brass comes to us from the mid 1700s, when English cabinet maker Thomas Chippendale became famous for his beautiful brass designs. We’ve re-created these designs to bring you authentic, beautiful replicas of Chippendale’s handiwork.

Hand Forged Iron – Since brass was forbidden in early America, many colonists made hardware from iron. The process of making hand forged iron was done by hammer and anvil, a technique we still use today in order to deliver a product that is as authentic and beautiful as it was during the colonial era.

Victorian – 1860 to 1895 marked a furniture golden age ordained with unique detail and flare. Our Victorian hardware provides your home with the same beautiful detail of that ear but with one major difference; original Victorian furniture was the first to be mass produced, and many pieces were not very sturdy. Rest assured that your Victorian hardware will be stronger than the originals.

Shaker – The shaker style was created by a religious group, the shakers, who settled in the United States to escape religious intolerance. Their simple furniture style is still popular today and is why we offer knobs and turns made to look authentically shaker — simple, beautiful and sometimes just what your home needs.

Keep in mind that these are only four of our many hardware styles. Make sure you explore all of our hardware options to find the perfect look for your home!