I Want Iron

hand forged iron wire pulls

Is your home in desperate need of new hardware? If so, why are you looking at cheap plastic fixtures that will soon scratch, bend, and break, leaving you in the same position you’re in now? No, plastic won’t do. It is too cheap and fragile looking to claim a place in your home. Instead, why not choose hardware that is built to last? It’s time you put your foot down and say, “I want iron,” and here are the reasons why.

Timeless – One reason you should put aside plastic hardware for iron hardware is its timeless appeal. Whether you are replacing hardware in a colonial-styled home or if you are looking for hardware that will accent a contemporary design, iron is good for all purposes. Iron will properlly accent your traditional-styled home and will also add subtitle details to your modern home, as well. For hundreds of years, iron has remained a popular hardware choice, and we don’t think it is losing its popularity any time soon.

Strong – Unlike that cheap plastic handle you’ve considered buying, iron hardware is strong. It won’t dent, scratch, or break like plastic so easily does, and it will look nicer for longer, too. The only durability setback is its tendency to rust if left outdoors. If you’re looking for interior hardware, then rusting isn’t something you have to worry about. If you do need hardware for the exterior of your home, don’t worry; you can treat your iron so that it doesn’t rust when exposed to the elements.

Beautiful – As you already know, iron is timeless. Its strength isn’t the only factor promoting its conintual use throughout the ages; iron is also incredibly popular because of its beauty. Although not flashy or highly detailed, iron has a simple beauty to it that, honestly, can’t be beat. The dark color easily accents all styles, and the easily recognized metal is highly desired due to its high quality characteristics and longevity.