Replacing Kitchen Hardware

Replacing your kitchen cabinet hardware

Re-doing the kitchen can be an expensive little project. If you’ve decided that you can’t stand your kitchen any longer but are hesitant because remodeling is so expensive, then do we have a solution for you! You don’t have to rip down walls and tear out your cabinets to give your kitchen a fresh new look. Instead of demolishing, why not replace your existing hardware? Not only is the process easier and less destructive, it’s cheaper too! We must warn you, however, not to replace your old kitchen hardware with cheap replacements – here is why.

Quality equals longevity – As tempting as it may be to run to your local hardware store and pick up the cheapest, nicest-looking hinges and knobs, we strongly urge you to do otherwise. Replacing your outdated hardware with new yet cheap hardware is not going to deliver the results you are looking for. Although the new pieces will update your kitchen, cheaper hardware is not built to last. If you want to get your money’s worth, then make sure your replacement kitchen hardware is made of high quality materials like iron or brass. You’re remodeling, so why would you cut corners?

Aesthetically Pleasing – As nice and shiny as that cheap pack of knobs looks in the hardware store, we guarantee that its beauty will not hold up as well as you might think. Your kitchen is a high traffic area; drawers will be ripped open, cabinets slammed shut, and spilled food will be a common occurrence. If you want the new hardware on your drawers, countertops and cabinets to stay beautiful, then make sure you stay away from cheap products. Cheap hardware looks great at first, but it damages easily. The last thing you want on your new fixtures is unsightly scratches, dents or stains.

Unique Style – Don’t be surprised if that cheap hardware you found at Wal-Mart somehow ends up in all your neighbors’ kitchens. Big discount stores like these only carry a limited supply of styles when it comes to kitchen hardware. If you’re looking for something unique, forget it. When you purchase higher-quality, hand finished-hardware, you have a better chance of achieving that unique, stylized look.