Why Choose Horton Brasses?

We have been faithfully tracking a large number of statistics in 2012-and we are continuing to do that in 2013.  We have learned an awful lot about what we do well and not so well.  If you have been following us on Facebook you may have noticed an occasional series on why choose Horton Brasses-followed by a bunch of statistics.  Well, we are continuing that here on our blog.  We are coming clean with the good and the bad from June through December of 2012.  I think you’ll find that we get it right the vast majority of the time and we hope you will consider us for your hardware needs in the future.

98.5% of all orders, excluding custom orders, were shipped from stock!  Wow.

.92-Average days to ship..Including all custom orders and back orders-it took, on average, less than 1 day to ship.

Errors-in mail order errors are critical.  We are responsible for getting every single piece of your order right.  We did get it perfect 98.8% of the time.  We did make some mistakes-and by tracking them we were able to see the patterns and adjust our processes accordingly.  The error rate fell notably as the year went on.

So there it is-our good and bad laid out for all to see.  Let us know what you think.