Stylize Your Kitchen on a Budget

So, your kitchen is ready for some remodeling; not only does it look outdated but you’re tired of those cabinets you fell in love with so many years ago. Having said that, you really want to re-do the kitchen but can’t afford a costly remodeling job. Before you accept that you’re stuck with an outdated style, you need to know that updating your kitchen can happen without pricey remodeling. Want to find out how you can update your kitchen without costly expenses? Then keeping reading to find out.

kitchen hardware


It’s all in the Hardware – Contrary to what you may have thought before, you can obtain a whole new look in your kitchen by simply replacing and updating the hardware. When we say hardware, we are referring to all of the accent pieces in your kitchen: handles, knobs, hinges, and pulls. Don’t think that new hardware is enough to bring your kitchen out of the stone ages? We do. Want to give your kitchen an updated, modern look? Secure some brass pulls or knobs, and you’ll be stunned at the difference! Create an authentic look by replacing those old hinges with a set of beautiful, oil rubbed, iron ones. Latches can be replaced as well and so can counter top and cabinet door accents.

Okay we know what you’re thinking; you’re thinking that even after you replace the hardware, you’re still going to hate the color or style of your cabinet doors. We have a simple solution for you and that solution is this: paint or re-finish. If your cabinet doors are wood, simply un-hinge them, sand, and re-finish for a new, updated, clean look. If your cabinets were originally painted, then experiment with new colors to really make your kitchen pop.

There are so many ways to update the look and style of your kitchen, and pricey construction doesn’t have to be the only to do it. Simply start with kitchen hardware.