Polish and Cleaners and Waxes, Oh My!

Goddards cleaners and polishes

Cleaning antique furniture and hardware can be a chore. Common chemicals used for plastic and vinyl may damage antiques, so cleaning becomes a dreaded all-day event. Not anymore! If you’ve spent hours cleaning your antique furniture, custom floors or old hardware, it’s time that you got your hands on a cleaner, wax product or polish that will quickly, easily, and safely clean your antiques. Let us introduce you to Goddard’s antique cleaners, waxes, and polishes.

Antique Furniture Polish Spray – Every home with antique furniture needs an all purpose furniture polish. Since using harsh chemicals on antiques can damage the finish and integrity of the piece, it’s important to have a polish that is gentle yet can get the job done. Goddard’s Antique Furniture polish does just that. The lemon oil blend cleans wood surfaces without leaving an oily residue or damaging the surface. For all antique polishing needs, check out this one of a kind polish.

Butcher Block Oil – Ever wish that there was something you could do to revive your old wooden kitchen tools and utensils? Well, wish come true. With Goddard’s Butcher Block Oil, simply rub the 100 percent mineral oil into the cracks and dinks of your hardware and watch the wood come back to life! Get a refinished look on all of your tired hardware with this wonderful, all-natural oil.

Marble Polish – This polish is great for all types of floors — not just marble. In fact, it’s perfect for tile, stone, slate, porcelain, and Formica. Polish lightly to give your floors a water resistant, protective finish that looks great on any of the previous floor types. This really is the polish that does it all and is great for homes with diverse floors.

We hope you’re excited about at least one of Goddard’s polishes and cleaners. If so, you’ll be glad to know that these are only a few of the many products offered by Goddard.