Say Yes to Quality Hinges

high quality solid brass hinges

The time has come to pick out your door hinges, and we know it’s not exactly the most exciting of prospects. Being as tiresome as it is, we understand how your first impulse would be to swing by your local hardware store and pick up a handful of the cheapest universal hinges you can find. We beg you, please give your door hinges a second thought! There are such things as quality door hinges, and they really can do wonders for your doors and cabinets! Don’t settle for a cheap hinge that is going to break or damage your door frame. Here are some perks to choosing a high quality hinge.

Longevity of Hinge and Doors – Cheap hinges can tire quickly, meaning you could face frequent replacement. Quality hinges, on the other hand, were built to last. Sure, you might spend an extra buck or two, but you’ll end up saving that money in the long run. High-quality hinges equal dependability.

Durability – Cheap hinges were not made to hold heavy doors or support extra weight of towels or bath robes. When cheap hinges grow tired, they often begin to buckle, causing your doors to sag or sit un-evenly. Sagging can lead to improper function of your door, and next thing you know, you have a damaged door frame. Avoid the headache of damaged doors and door frames by using a quality hinge strong enough to support extra weight. You will also be amazed at how quiet your hinges will remain even after years of use.

Aesthetically Pleasing – Ever notice that some cheap hinges stand out from the door frame in a less than pleasing way? You don’t want your hinges to draw attention to themselves. This is why low-profile, quality hinges were designed to be sleek and properly fitted to your door and frame. Choose your material as well to ensure a seamless finish.

The bottom line is, you want to avoid cheap hinges. Not only will cheap hinges grow tire, settle and begin to creek over time, the may also fail to hold the weight of your door. Avoid the struggle and eye sore of cheap door hinges by investing in long lasting, quality, beautiful door hinges specifically designed for your door or cabinet!