Keyhole Dress-up

Dress up the look of your front door, or any door in your house for that matter, with a beautiful new keyhole! How, you ask? Easy, with keyhole escutcheons that fit over any appropriately sized keyhole!

keyhole escutcheons

Are tired of the boring, flat look of modern day keyholes? Wishing that you could dress up that keyhole once and for all? Looking for that last piece of door decor you’ve been craving? Well, you’ve come to the right place, as we would love to introduce you to the keyhole escutcheon… its time to dress up that keyhole!

A keyhole escutcheon is simply a keyhole covering. These covers are made to dress up existing keyholes. Many escutcheons are designed to recreate a style from a desired era. This is why they are great for restoring antique furniture and other areas of your home.

Keyhole escutcheons aren’t limited to livening up that old front door. They are also great for cupboards, interior doors, barn doors, trunks, attic doors, garden gates, jewelry boxes… well you get the idea. You can fasten a keyhole escutcheon wherever you find a keyhole. Want the escutcheon look but don’t have a keyhole to cover? Not a problem, as you can fasten these beautiful covers onto your furniture or hardware regardless if there is a keyhole present.

When it comes to keyhole escutcheons, options are limitless. Not only can you fasten an escutcheon to any keyhole, you can also choose a design that represents an era of your choice! Are you in love with a Chippendale look? Check out these beautiful keyhole escutcheons for all of your Chippendale styled furniture and doors.

If you’re afraid that your keyhole is simply too large to be covered by one of these beautiful escutcheons, fear not. These keyhole covers can be made to fit any keyhole facet, no matter how big or how small.

Like we said, keyhole escutcheons are the best way to liven up old doors, trunks, cabinets, and even jewelry boxes. Your antique style isn’t complete, until you have the proper accents, so check out these stylized keyhole covers today!