Fix Up That Old Clock

antique grandfather clock hardware

Have you recently inherited an antique clock that needs some good old TLC? Maybe you already have an antique clock and you’re considering retiring it for good. Before you decide to put that old clock to rest, we advise you to fix up that old clock! Old-fashioned, restored clocks are fashionable and timeless. They can be the focal point of your living room, office, bedroom or really any room in the house. These clocks are not too difficult to repair as long as you know where to find the right clock hardware.

Does your antique clock have missing or damaged rosettes? Not sure what rosettes are or if they are appropriate for your clock? Historically, rosettes were the beautiful, round, ornamental pieces attached to antique mirrors and clocks to give them a specific style. Over time, rosettes have become increasingly popular and are now used to decorate other home furniture, including dressers and trunks. We can confidently say that even if your clock didn’t originally sport rosettes, it’s a feature you really can’t go wrong with. Play it safe and ornament your clock with a simple brass or antique rosette or go all out and secure one that is intricately designed.

Modern day clocks aren’t as fancy as the clocks of yore. One specific piece of hardware, other than rosettes, that gave antique clocks their style was finials. Even though you may not have ever heard of a finial, you’d probably recognize the hardware if you saw it. Finials are the large, erect fixtures at the very top of antique clocks. These pieces of hardware are sometimes styled as a reverent eagle while others as solid bulbs. Dress up your clock with a brand new brass finial to add a new style to that old clock.

Restoring your clock isn’t always about aesthetics. When you need to fix a door on that cuckoo clock or another small fixture on the clock face, make sure you find specialty hardware that was built to fit. Hinges, plates, and pins should match your clock perfectly, so why settle for unauthentic or cheap hardware? Make sure your replacement hinges and other hardware are going to restore your antique to its original beautiful state, while at the same time, ensuring that it stands up to the test of time.