Why the Love for Antiques?

They say that everything is cyclical. Clothing styles, weather patterns and yes, even furniture. Antique, restored hardware and furniture is in and it’s hot. Many people who want that rustic, vintage or classy antique look are scouring yard and estate sales to find that perfect piece… but what is all the hype about? Why do so many people seem to go nuts over second, third and even fourth hand furniture from centuries past? Many who search for these timeless antique jewels may not understand it themselves. Lets explore two reasons why antiques are so attractive.

antique looking furniture

They don’t make things like the used to – We are living in the age of plastic. More and more products are being manufactured in bulk where, frankly, quality is not as important as quantity. Through mass production, short cuts are common and cheap, weak products are the result. Antiques are attractive because they were built to last. Because of high quality craftsmanship, many antiques have well out lived their creators and will continue to do so for many years. With a little restoration, a high quality antique piece tends to be the preferred alternative to the cheap plastic product on the shelf.

Respect of the craftsman – Although we do not think about it on a daily basis, there is something cold, impersonal and unnatural about buying mass-produced, machine-made products that received little to no human touch or scrutiny. It is because of this that we naturally value hand crafted goods. It is why we appreciate and are willing to pay more for the unique development of a product that is unlike any other. We also enjoy knowing that a unique piece of hardware was designed and created with human intent and attention to detail. That immense thought, energy and passion went into the finished product. This somehow connects us to the designer, to his or her life and history; to humanity as a hole.

You see, for many of us, it is in our nature to covet and protect hand made materials form the past. These materials, these antiques, preserve the history our culture and heritage. They tell a unique story about our ancestors and silently connect us to them. Is the hype about antique furniture just a phase? We think not.