Non-Mortised Hinges Are Great Replacements

Door hinges, not something you think about replacing very often but when you do the process can be a headache. Traditionally, mortise hinges are preferred among consumers; however, replacement can be tiresome and tedious. Instead of trying to master the art of mortise hinging on your first try, check out the alternative that’s not only easier but yields the same results; the non-mortised hinge.

non mortised solid brass butt hinge

Securing a mortised hinge is not only a meticulous process, its challenging as well. Here is a break down of replacement steps in case you haven’t replaced a mortised hinge before.

First – You need to trace the shape of the replacement hinge onto the door with a pencil.

Second – Score the outline you just made with your pencil. Because you are scoring on wood you will need to use different tools depending on the grain. Make sure you score against the grain for maximum results.

Third – Score the projected depth of your hinge on the underside of the door so you know how deep to cut.

Fourth – Carefully and patiently chisel away the wood for your hinge.

Sound easy enough? Let us be the first to tell you that this process is far from easy. Only practice, a steady hand and attention to detail will yield results comparable to that of a professional.

Now before you get discouraged you need to know that there is a better, faster and easier alternative to mortised hinges; non-mortised hinges. Non-mortised hinges look and perform the same as mortised hinges, the only difference is that there is no chiseling involved during install. Instead of meticulously measuring, scoring and removing wood for the hinge, all you have to do is place and fasten. Four screws and a screwdriver is all you need.

Non-mortised hinges were designed to be labor saving while still providing the traditional exposed butt hinge look. Plus, non-mortised hinges were made to accommodate professional carpenters as well as the do-it-yourself handyman. Non-mortised hinges are sturdy and will look flawless even if you have no hinging experience.

If you choose to replace your hinges with a mortised hinge, well good luck, all we have to say is… should ‘a bought the non-mortised!