2b, Or Not 2b? – House Numbers that Work

You’ve just moved into your new home and it’s perfect in every way, well at least you think so. Your friends and family seem to think differently – they just can’t seem to find the place! You don’t understand the problem at first; it not like it’s a large neighborhood and the mail man delivers to the right address. So what could be the problem? Oh right… house numbers.

brass and nickel house numbers

You can save your visitors from asking, “2b, or not 2b” by purchasing secure, high-quality house numbers. In fact, high-quality house numbers are the only way to go.

It’s easy to fall into the sticky-back house number trap. They’re affordable and do the job, but do they do the job well? Your house numbers are going to take a weather-beating and the sticky-back plastic house numbers are going to show it. They fade, fall off and leave behind a nasty residue to showcase the missing number. Those hanging by a thread, mismatched and faded numbers are an embarrassing gateway to your home.

In order the to avoid the regular occurrence of lost and worn numbers, consider house numbers made of a more sturdy material like iron or brass. Sure they’re more expensive, but not only are these materials more secure, they are beautiful. With these clean cut, attractive, easy to read house numbers your visitors will find your home with ease. Plus, iron and brass numbers can be fastened just about anywhere; the mailbox, on a plaque, and even on the house itself. You can even opt to have a plaque mounted in your front yard.

Still considering those common stick-on numbers? What about if we told you that adding high quality house numbers to your property could add curb appeal? Curb appeal, also known as front yard aesthetics, can raise the value of your home! Also, studies show that homes featuring easy to read, eye-pleasing house numbers, sell faster than homes with inadequate numbers or none at all.

Dress up your mailbox or front door with secure house numbers and save yourself the hassle of buying replacements. You have bigger things to worry about than making sure your house numbers are secure. Do yourself and your guests a favor and indulge your curb side with iron or brass numbers – they aren’t going anywhere!