Modifying Your Trunk With Brass Hardware

trunk hardwareIn a sense, a steamer trunk is timeless antique furniture, symbolizing travels or a past life put behind an individual. Beyond the symbolism, such a trunk may still be used for modern-day storage, and as with all antiques, it may need a bit of refurbishment. If your trunk’s hardware, one of its most crucial elements, is in need of repair or replacement, the following products from Horton Brasses are beneficial.

Precision butt hinges, made out of solid brass extrusions, are one of the more sturdy options available. Each is fitted with very close tolerances, and a fixed pin keeps each fixture strongly in place. Its thicker leaves are ideal for trunks and other furniture around the home, as well as for doors and cabinets.

Chest lifts, sold in brass, iron, and leather, are of the more important features a trunk needs. The durable metal comes in a choice of sizes, allowing you to find the right fit for your trunk. For the brass model, back plates are attached with wood screws from the inside, and all designs are copied from period styles. Keep in mind that, while all lifts and handles are sturdy, they are not meant for lifting the trunk alone. Instead, with one or two people lifting, they act as supports while the trunk is held from the bottom.

Brackets and corners are precisely crafted with a plasma cutter – not stamped. Each fits around a trunk’s corners, providing reinforcement but also an eye-catching period detail. While the corners and brackets are cut by our craftsmen into specific shapes, Horton Brasses also does custom designs upon request.

Padlocks offer an additional level of security, particularly if personal, heirloom, or other important items are stored inside. Like all other hardware, padlocks are based on period shapes and designs, even down to the enamel finish. With multiple sizes available, Horton Brasses’ padlocks can be added in more location, including onto a door, box, or cabinet.