All of the Possibilities for Knobs

Brass knobsKnobs are one of the most versatile pieces of hardware, made for use with cabinets, drawers, furniture, doors, and the kitchen area. Nevertheless, solid construction and attention to period details set Horton Brasses’ knobs apart. Regardless of shape, however, most products have a choice of finish and offer a comfortable grip for years of usage.

Excluding specific period styles, all of the following are possibilities for cabinet, drawer, door, and furniture knobs:

Classic Kitchen Knobs are one of Horton Brasses’ best selling. Each features a versatile, timeless solid brass design.

Desk Interior Knobs are a mushroom-shaped style made for pull-out functions on desks, secretaries, and small drawers. Each is made out of solid brass.

Solid Brass Oval Knobs can be mounted vertically or horizontally. Larger sizes are apt for doors and drawers, while smaller options are perfect for spice drawers and jewelry boxes.

Round Knobs offer a more substantial grip and a choice of two styles – smooth and beehive. With a classic look, round knobs have been another top-seller at Horton Brasses.

Forged Iron Knobs are one of the few non-brass options. In production, each is turned first, and the final finish work is done in a forge. Each size and shape is ideal for cabinets and matches other iron hardware.

Cast Brass Knobs are a 19th century touch, adding a romantic character to drawers, desks, and furniture. The center features an intricate floral cast.

Hammered Mushroom Knobs are another option. Machine-made in England with a hand-applied wax finish, each offers a versatile design and a comfortable grip and is made to withstand years of use.

Spool Cabinet Knobs were originally designed for department store thread cabinets. With an aesthetically pleasing look and durable design, these knobs made from molten brass are perfect for kitchen drawers and doors in the present.

Cupboard Knobs and Turns do one of two things: allow a user to open a door, even when his or her hands are dirty, and keep the door closed without a catch. With a longer shank, each is the right size for hutches, corner cupboards, buffets, and traditional furniture.

Pewter Knobs, gray in appearance, feature a concentric circle design and, with an aged look, blend into various period styles. Each knob matches wood surfaces and hand-forged iron hardware.