Modifying Your Kitchen With Brass & Iron Appliance Handles

When it comes to Horton Brasses’ products, handles, pulls, hinges, and knobs, among all other types, are automatically associated with antique or reproduction furniture. While our hardware is based on or molded after 17th, 18th, 19th, and early 20th century period sensibilities, modifying furniture is not their sole function.

In fact, the sturdiness and high-quality composition of our hardware improve other fixtures and spaces throughout the home, including the kitchen. Appliance hardware, for replacing existing refrigerator, door, dishwasher, or cabinet handles, offers a distinct period look or a classic contemporary style that compliments both modern and past décor styles. What options are there for your kitchen?

Bakes Pulls are created by an English cabinetmaker residing in the U.S. As one of the more contemporary-leaning kitchen hardware options, bakes pulls offer a comfortable grip and versatile mounting. In fact, one of these elegant, rounded pulls can be added vertically or horizontally.

General Brass Appliance Handles offer a classic yet contemporary look. The brass design suits various uses in your kitchen, including adding sturdiness to and improving the appearance of cabinets, dishwashers, and refrigerators.

Cabinet handles, on the other hand, veer more toward a period look – one popular in the 19th century – but the smooth, sleek, and functional design compliments kitchen decors of all types. A tapered center and rounded body make for comfortable gripping. Like bakes pulls, these handles, too, can be mounted horizontally or vertically onto cabinets, closets, doors, and drawers.

All brass appliance handles are made with a choice of hand-applied finishes. Aside from brass handles, hand-forged iron Suffolk grips are another option. A versatile handle in general, Suffolk grips are ideal for double doors and are molded after period shapes: heart, bean, or ball and spear. For fully closing a set of cabinets or kitchen drawers, combine the grip with a matching Suffolk latch.