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We think our hardware finishes are pretty special.  Each is unique and hand done.  Have you ever wondered how we do it?  This is our first ever video blog post and you can see how we make our antique brass finish.  The video was made in house, with original music and editing done by our very own Pablo Alvarado.  Check it out, its a little less than 4 minutes long.  Please pardon the intro and outro, this was our first time and the delivery still needs some work.




2 thoughts on “Video Blog

  1. James Fillion says:

    Very very cool! This is a very interesting process to get that amazing antique brass look. I guess my spray paint, sand paper, and clear coat method is small potatoes to this beautiful innovation. Keep up the great work. I wish I had pictures of my brass cabinet hinges to show. I think I am going to leave it to professional like you for my next project. Thanks for sharing


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