Going Modern With Macintosh


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.

The Macintosh style pulls from Horton Brasses are one of my favorites.

Sure. Charles Rennie Macintosh was a turn of the century architect who died in 1928 at the too-young age of 60, but the organic, minimalist lines of his designs beckoned an era of modernist design.

Which is why I think these pulls (also available in coordinating appliance handles) go so well with the MCM design aesthetic.

But don’t just take my word for it. This morning, while doing my daily rounds on the internet, I spotted this photo from Clayhaus Ceramics, a super cool independently operated handmade tile studio out of Portland.

Now, this is not Horton Brasses’ pull pictured here, but obviously, the styling is similar. Not sure if those are bamboo cabinets or some type of veneer but the slab doors, Macintosh style hardware, and muted retro colors definitely build a look.  All of the lines are clean. There is nothing extraneous. Yet the details—vessel sink, wall mounted faucets, multi-colored offset tile, exotic looking cabinet wood, and gently curved cabinet hardware—all add layers of richness.

When considering a modern design in your kitchen or bath, don’t feel that your only option is the European bar pull. Yes, it is tried and true. But other, less obvious, designs also work. The hardware used in the above picture stopped me in my web crawling tracks.

What, in this bathroom, grabs your attention?

4 thoughts on “Going Modern With Macintosh

  1. trillium says:

    It’s very simple, therefore easy to clean. The average American house (not custom-built) has a faucet too close to the edge of the sink (sometimes hands bump bowl when washing up), and little space behind the faucets to clean the counter properly. This bath has lots of room to maneuver dirty hands underneath the faucet, a wide space behind the bowl to clean up spills, and a beautiful tiled backsplash.Don’t you just love good design?


  2. Rachelle Padgett says:

    My name is Rachelle Padgett, and I’m the interior designer of this project in Berkeley, CA. Thank you so much for your post and kind words! The vanity is oil-rubbed amber bamboo from Studio Marler (available through Ecohome Improvement), and the countertop is custom concrete by The Earth Builders. The clients have excellent taste and were a joy to work with! I’ll have more pictures up on my Yelp page shortly, and you can see http://www.synthesisinteriorsandcolor.com.


  3. Rachelle Padgett says:

    Added more pictures to Yelp (you can get there through my website) so you can better see the detail of the hardware…and I’m working on digging up the name of the vendor. Thanks again!


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