A Latch For Every Door Style!

New & Improved

Remember the cabinet-latch liquidation sale? That was big. But you know what? It’s over now!

Instead of great cabinet latches at a fantastic price, Horton Brasses is now offering FANTASTIC cabinet latches at a great price. Our newest version of the classic latch looks exactly the same on the outside but has been totally upgraded on the inside. The springing mechanism will out-perform any other latch on the market.

Here’s what Orion has to say about these latches:

There are many varieties of these on the market today. Not only do most work poorly or fail after frequent use, they cost a small fortune! If you are installing these in your kitchen, the last thing you want is failure. Before we made this latch ourselves, we sold several other vendor’s latches and found we were repairing most before sending them out. This is now our third generation latch and it works beautifully. The mechanism is durable and has a wonderfully smooth feel. We guarantee the latch for 5 years and the springs are replaceable. We pride ourselves on making hardware that lasts. I am proud to say you will not find a finer latch on the market at 3 times the price, and even our competitors agree with that!

Love latches but I don’t have inset doors…

Blogger Vincent Scordo used Horton Brasses Hardware in his kitchen. Here is a great close-up shot of the pantry latch mounted on beautiful white inset cabinets.

It’s true. Cabinet latches, pantry latches, icebox latches—they were typically seen on inset door styles. But not everyone is willing to shell out 20% more for this door frame style. Don’t fret! Your kitchen cabinets can carry off the charm no matter what style door or frame you go with.


Frameless cabinets are just that—a box without a frame in the front. These are often called European overlay since that’s how they make cabinets in Europe (I’m assuming). Scherr’s and Ikea are big manufacturers of this style in the U.S. and it will give you the most useable interior space since there is not frame to block the interior.

Select butt doors to mount latches on this type of cabinet. This is important because the cabinet latch is a two-part hardware. One door will display the latch while the other has the catch. Obviously, it can’t work unless two doors butt up against one another.

Partial Overlay

Also known as “affordable,” this cabinet style has a bad reputation for being uncool. It’s not uncool! I love it! I selected it for both of my remodels and am making it my life mission to preach it!

Honestly, I’m no woodworker so I don’t quite get how you would mount this but check out this pic:

Any experts out there want to chime in? Do you need custom hardware? I’m assuming the catch would need to be built up somehow to meet the latch.

Full Overlay

By far this is the most popular and readily available cabinet style in the U.S.  It is the opinion of some that full overlay can, when using certain door styles, emulate the look of inset. What do you think?

Whether or not you are trying to trick that look, you can definitely mount latches on full overlay cabinets just as you would on frameless. Again, the key is the butt door.

Do you love the look of latches? How would you use them in your kitchen?

One thought on “A Latch For Every Door Style!

  1. Sue says:

    I LOVE the look of latches but am having trouble finding cabinets to match my budget. Currently I’m looking at Thomasvilles “Linden” cabinet. The door is a full overlay,but it has a routed edge on it that’s about 1/4″. Would latches fit on this type of door?


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