Only 1 Day Left To Enter & Receive a 10% Off Coupon!

Only 1 day left for the Horton Brasses Kitchen Hardware Giveaway Contest.


Let me say it again. This time with feeling.


I understand this is a strange contest. If you win, you are obligated to use the hardware. And if you are in the midst of a remodel, you need to hold off on getting your hardware installed because you just might win the contest.

Pfffft. Logistics.

The reality is, Orion is planning—no…HOPING—to give away a few grand worth of hardware to someone with a boomin’ kitchen plan.

But, there’s a catch. When I wrote up the contest, Orion slipped in this caveat: 25 people must enter before the contest is legitimately on. Twenty-five! Right now there are only 8 entries. That’s 32% of the needed entries to have this thing really be on.

Orion is a man of his word. That’s how he’s able to run a small business on an old-school professional model. He can’t go back and delete the caveat from the original contest rules, even if I’ve contemplated trying to hack into the HB Blog dashboard to do it myself.

But to show he really wants to give away all this fancy new hardware, he’s throwing out a bribe, er…I mean “incentive” to get people to enter.

Enter your kitchen and you automatically receive a 10% discount on Horton Brasses hardware in addition to any other bulk discount in which you may qualify.

So, everyone wins! Even if there is not a contest.

Please take a look at the contest blog. All of the entries are beautiful representations of great taste. I’m so happy that these homeowners are sharing their kitchens with us since remodeling is one heck of an exciting time. Every picture is a great resource for future remodelers looking for inspiration and ideas.


One thought on “Only 1 Day Left To Enter & Receive a 10% Off Coupon!

  1. Mark Zolla says:

    In the finish mode of a custom kitchen install by Faneuil Kitchen Cabinets from Hingham MA and I thought it would be good to get the discount.



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