Expanding Options for Narrow Cabinets

Going the route of custom cabinetry? Take advantage of every last inch of storage space without worrying how you will match your hardware across door fronts of varying sizes. Even some well designed RTA stock cabinets, such as Ikea’s, come in narrow widths to make the most of your kitchen space.

Whether you use choose a standard spice pullout or have your cabinet maker sneak in hidden broom storage, narrow cabinets present challenges when choosing hardware.  Some people seek out mix and match hardware for their kitchen, yet a large number of homeowners desire a uniform look, using a single style pull throughout the entire room.

House Beautiful

Vertical pulls fit the narrowest of cabinet fronts. Get the look with Horton Brasses Bakes Pull, available in 7 different finishes and made of solid brass.

But what do you do when that 8” pull simply won’t fit on a 6” cabinet? Knobs are compact enough to fit on any cabinet front but for some, knobs are not an option. That is why Horton Brasses carries the Queslett and Bakes Pulls. If you want beautiful hardware that flows with continuity througout the kitchen, these pulls are a wonderful option.

top / available in 6,7,10,15 inch sizes) & Queslett (bottom)

Art of Logic

Wouldn’t those tiny Queslett Pulls look adorable on these apothocary drawers? An unexpected departure from knobs.

Moon to Moon

A salvaged library card catalog defines this quirky space. Finger bin pulls accentuate the piece. Replicate the look with distressed custom cabinetry and tiny Quesletts in the antique finish.

Unlike other suited bin pull sets that typically run from 3.5” to 8,” The Queslett runs from under 3” to over 9.” Woo-hoo! This allows a singular hardware look from appliances to apothecary drawers. And the unique look of the Queslett’s backplate sets it apart from other bin pulls.

Don’t let the catalog pic of the Bakes Pull fool you into thinking it must be mounted horizontally. No! Do a quarter turn and mount that pull vertically for hardware that will fit anywhere.

The Cabinet Factory

Ditch the knobs and up the style ante with pulls! This small kitchen is a perfect example of maximizing storage with bespoke cabinetry. Those small cubby drawers would look darling with tiny, chunky pulls dressing them up like buckles on a pair of pilgrim shoes.

Kennebec Cabinet Company

Of course, Horton Brasses has nothing against knobs! Especially if your cabinet design is traditional, knobs on your tiny fronts will augment the look of ageless elegance. Horton Brasses has both simple, pared down knobs as well as more decorative styles.