Big Over Small : Chunky Cabinet Jewelry

Seeking Out the Perfect Canvas

Twenty years ago when I worked as a salesgirl at the Gap, the store manager drilled this fashion decree into my head: big over small. She meant baggy clothes over skinny bodies, layering a given. It was, as she put it, “The Gap Look.” So it was.

Today’s fashion is a more streamlined silhouette, yet the pared down but decked out simplicity of big over small persists in how we accessorize our look. And I’m not just talking about clothing.

As lives become more complicated, the desire to minimize the white noise at home spurs the move towards clean finishes, plain lines and blank canvases that can be easily embellished with bold accents of color and texture.

Kitchen cabinetry is not exempt. Because kitchen remodeling is an expensive undertaking, and cabinets represent the largest percentage of the cost, many homeowners favor Shaker or slab style doors in white or neutral wood colors hoping these choices will transcend time and resonate as eternally stylish.

By choosing door styles and materials that make a minimal statement, kitchen cabinets become the little black dress of the kitchen—the perfect canvas for displaying chunky cabinet jewelry.

Accessorize with Style

Door styles without a lot of beading are generally less expensive than their tricked out counterparts. Also, the more detail to a door style, the more you are marrying your kitchen to a particular look. Get the look you want, but do it with something less permanent—and expensive. Just as you would oomph up a simple black dress to carry you from day to evening, dress up your cabinets with bold pieces of solid metal hardware.

This neutral white kitchen (image decor pad) makes its biggest statement with in your face brass hardware. The large cabinet latches and exposed butterfly hinges define the look.

An oak kitchen is re-habbed with Farrow & Ball paint and new hardware. (images Cottage Living). I love how large pulls are used on drawer fronts and cabinet doors, creating a unified look. The drab neutral paint color transforms the cabinets from dated to timeless, creating a backdrop for hardware that really shines. Recreate this look in your kitchen with the Bakes Pull, available in 7 different finishes.

Here we have an exaggerated Shaker style door (Image Cozette Coffman Design), yet the principle remains true—keep it simple. And that’s a good thing considering how much other stuff there is to look at in this space.  Despite everything, the cabinet hardware immediately caught my eye when I first viewed this kitchen. Look at the cabinet to the right of the sink. Again, we see pulls instead of knobs on the doors but here the sizing and placement is unusual. Instead of a supersized pull centered on the door or the pull mounted vertically, a 6” pull is affixed to the door horizontally, taking the place of a knob.

If you are looking for cabinet hardware that is unlike any other, Horton Brasses’ newest additions to the kitchen line will surely command your attention. Streamlined styling, hidden screws and superior finishes will accentuate your kitchen in all the right places.

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